About Us

     Started many years ago, all the way back in 1956, Glad Tidings Bible Camp is located just five miles northwest of Crofton, NE. The camp was started with the mindset of providing a safe environment where people from all backgrounds could come to have their questions about matters of life and faith answered. It was to be a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ would be faithfully preached and lived out and where everyone would feel welcome, loved, and cared for even if they disagreed with our religious tenets.

     We tackle the big questions, but we also like to have fun... lots of it! The camp grounds feature a lake, zipline, canoes, paddleboat, archery range, an indoor basketball court, gameroom, and an entire closet of props for use in skits during family nights, and several fire rings. For those who prefer a quieter pace of life, the camp also has a small library, couches, boardgames, and plenty of space to just wander and be.

     Glad Tidings is equipped with dorm areas and shower facilities to accommodate groups of all sizes. We host a number of events and camps throughout the years, but the camp facilities are also for rent during the off season. If you have an upcoming family reunion, retreat, or event coming up and are in need of a facility, please contact us for rates and availability!

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     We are located in Northeast Nebraska between Norfolk, NE and Yankton, SD. We are just North of Highway 12, 7 miles West of Crofton, NE and 20 miles East of Niobrara, NE. Turn North off Highway 12 onto 544th Ave., go 2 1/2 miles on the gravel, and the camp is on the right.

Glad Tidings Bible Camp, Inc.
89238 544th Ave.
Bloomfield, NE 68718
(402) 882-0002 or (402) 373-4433
Facebook: gladtidingsbiblecamp

Director, Eric "Gil" Kimmons
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Mission Statement

     Our mission statement is simple; "Glad Tidings Bible Camp seeks to impact lives for Jesus Christ by clearly presenting the Gospel plan of salvation and by edifying both campers and staff through example, Bible teaching and godly fellowship in a fun and challenging, yet safe and structured environment."

Statement of Faith

     Glad Tidings is a Christian camp, but is not affiliated with any church or denomination and this allows the camp to serve all different Christian churches and organizations. The camp holds to a basic Christian Statement of Faith.


Values & Policies

     Glad Tidings values

  • Biblically-focused events
  • Presenting the Gospel message
  • The power of the camp experience to positively impact lives
  • The local church - we are here to supplement and support their ministry
  • Lifestyles lived according to Biblical values including
    • Knowing and living as though God lovingly made each person and has a plan for our lives.
    • Healthy living (our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit),
    • God created us in His image. He created male and female, this being determined before birth.
    • God's design for marriage being a one-man, one-woman committed marriage relationship
    • God's design for sexual activity being contained in the above marriage relationship
    • Relationships, especially the marriage and family relationships, are the foundation of civil society

In the interest of encouraging a sound Christian witness and a healthy lifestyle, our policies include (but are not limited to)

  • The Camp's property and facilities shall not be used for any activity or speech that is contrary to any stated or implied doctrine or religious belief or practice of the organization.
  • Alcohol, Tobacco Use, illegal drugs prohibited on camp
  • Participation in and/or access to any program, activity, or facility that is designated for use by only one sex is exclusively limited to individuals who are persons of that sex.
  • Individuals shall not intentionally present their physical features or dress to be that of the opposite sex.
  • Camp staff, along with all volunteers are hired and/or accepted for the purpose of being an example of these values. Such individuals shall not be actively engaged in unrepentant sin and shall not be perceived to undermine or contradict the camp's values through their actions, behaviors, or speech.


     Glad Tidings is open for use by groups and organizations of all sorts. We host churches, organizations, family reunions, business leadership retreats and the like.

     We emphasize the Gospel message and seek to partner with other churches and groups who do the same. Events that we put on will be Biblically-focused and the Gospel will be presented.

     We certainly do not require everyone who utilizes the camp to hold to our Statement of Faith or our Values, but we do ask that they honor those beliefs and policies by not practicing or teaching to the contrary while on site.