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  • The activities, facilities, and grounds need your prayer that they will be safe and ready for use.

  • Pray for those who plan the retreats, special events, and summer camps that they will have purpose and clarity.

  • Pray for the director as he works to update some of the camp resources like the website and as he communicates with those who have been integral in making camp happen.

  • Pray for the upcoming events that they will be gospel-focused and spiritually uplifting to everyone involved.

  • Pray that God will provide for the continuation of the amazing opportunities that Glad Tidings offers.

  • Pray that He will direct the development and growth of the camp.

Partner with us by meeting our donation needs.

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Consider alternate ways of donating through leaving a legacy in your will, donating commodities (corn, grain, etc ...) directly to the camp, or spreading donations out evenly through a donor-advised fund.

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Memorial Gift

Donate Items. We are currently in need of:

Donate Items we use regularly

For information on how to personally support the Director and his wife, contact the camp by email.

All of our Summer Staff are volunteers

Please consider volunteering a part of your summer to be involved in affecting kids' lives.

Also, throughout the year, we have work days where we invite everyone to the camp to help repair, spruce it up, or develop the camp.

Sign up to be on our mailing list or stay tuned on Facebook for when these dates will be.

If you would like to come use your God-given talents to volunteer some other time, please contact us.

Get together a work crew, coordinate materials, and contact the camp about coming out to complete a project. Current Needs:

  • Dig for & install drain in front of Director's House driveway
  • Re-do gardens
  • Window Washing all around camp
  • Clean out all the light fixtures around camp
  • Rebuild Dock
  • Sand, paint, rewire, re-deck small trailer
  • Paint trim on cabins
  • Trench for fiber optic cable
  • Move rock to cover hillside beside stand-alone bathhouse
  • Landscaping around camp sign
  • Put up shelves in craft cabin
  • Rework tractor chains to fit our tractor
  • Replace gutters on back of Main Building
  • Clean up fence line
  • Build a chair-table storage room behind Main Building

We already have a great network of people who are willing to spread the word about camp and about upcoming events. If you are willing to join this team and be the point person in a town or church, please contact us.

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A number of organizations and individuals have donated items, time, services, and/or finances in support of the Ministry of Glad Tidings.
We appreciate all who have given in these ways, most of whom have not been (or do not wish to be recognized). Here are a few of those, however, who we would like to recognize:

  • Whitetails Unlimited North East Nebraska Chapter
  • Tri-State Computer Services, Hartington, NE
  • Carhart Lumber, Bloomfield, NE

Email us for additions to this list.