General FAQ & Packing List

What should my camper pack for a week of camp?

  • Bible
  • Notebook
  • Tennis/Play Shoes
  • Changes of clothing for the week (weather appropriate - might want long pants and/or a sweatshirt)
  • PJs
  • Bedding (Sleeping Bag, Pillow, & Sheet if desired)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Bug Spray & Sun Block
  • 1 or 2 Modest Swim Suits (for girls, one piece and/or covered)

Do Not Bring: electronics, expensive clothing or items you do not wish to see ruined or lost  

Do you have a tornado/storm shelter and what is your storm procedure?


Both our bathhouse and the bathhouse portion of our retreat center are built into the side of a hill and are built out of reinforced concrete block and designated as storm shelters. We actively monitor weather radios and radar/news as needed and any time we are in a tornado watch and a storm comes, we go to these shelters. 

What time do I drop my camper off and when do I pick them up?


You should be receiving an email 1-2 weeks ahead of camp with this specific information.  

Can I still come for skit/parents' night and when is it?


Some of our Program Directors have decided to challenge the campers to come up with skits and then invite parents to come some evening of the week to see them. This varies week by week and, again, if we are offering this time, you will receive that information in an email ahead of time. 

Can I email/call/write/visit my camper while they are at camp?


We don't have a means of emailing campers, but you are encouraged to send them a letter. Remember that the rural mail service takes even a day longer, so at the very least you probably need to mail them Tuesday or Monday (or even the week before) to ensure they get it. We generally discourage calls or visits (outside of any scheduled parents' time) so that we help them stay focused on the fun camp experience.  

I'm not sure how well my camper will do with being away from home overnight - what do you do about that?


We obviously encourage them to refocus on the fun camp experience - especially looking forward to the upcoming events. If it gets to be a hardship, we will go ahead and call home and leave our options open from there. 

What are the meals like?


We do our best to provide healthy, balanced meals prepared in the kitchen by trained staff. Generally, we have multiple servings of meats, vegetables, fruit, and bread per day in the form of meals like (not necessarily including) spaghetti, breakfast burritos, hamburgers, sandwiches, and nachos. Sides might include peaches, pears, lettuce salad, french fries, or tater tots.

What if my camper has Food/Dietary restrictions/allergies or needs special accommodation?


We are not equipped to offer much accommodation, but we will work with you and your camper as much as possible. We can provide a more specific menu upon request (closer to the time of camp). If you would like to provide alternate meals, we can certainly store and prepare those meals for your camper. The camper-used portions of our buildings are all on the ground floor and have sidewalks leading up to them, so they are accessible. The rest of the camp activities are outside and do not have special accomodations. Again, let us know what your camper's special need is and we can try to work with you to give them the full camp experience. 

How much should I send with my camper for store/canteen money and what kind of stuff is in it?


Our canteen varies a bit. For the older campers (Jr./Sr. High), it will have pop and candy bars and we might limit them to 2-3 items per day ($10-15/week). For the middle ages, (Middle & Upper Elementary and maybe Jr. High) we might limit those to 1-2 items per day ($5-10/week). And, for the younger campers (Lower Elementary) we provide snacks/cookies/treats in lieu of the store/canteen. 

Do you have scholarships/camperships/financial assistance available to send our camper?


See our Discounts & Camperships page 


What is your cancellation policy?


If, for some reason, a reservation needs cancelled, we can refund all but the $10 deposit.